Sunday, March 20, 2016

Christmas Eve 2015

 Christmas Eve was wonderful, as usual. I feel like I am always doing last minute stuff like shopping or cooking or delivering neighbor gifts and feeling frazzled on Christmas Eve but this year I wasn't and it was great! I mentioned a few posts ago that I met up with Cristan in the morning and then wrapped presents all afternoon while the kids played. We headed over to my parents house where we celebrate Christmas together with my family. We had a delicious Christmas dinner and then our traditional activities.

The nativity

This is all 17 grandchildren in one photo... I know you only see 16, but number 17 is still in Rachel's tummy in the back right corner ;)

My mom gave the kids a fun little devotional with items that represent Christmas and the meaning behind them.

 After that we exchanged gifts and opened all of our presents from my parents. We typically don't see my side of the family on Christmas Day because we do all of our celebrations on Christmas Eve. I love it this way because we can divide up the time with family and with our own family evenly and it all just works out so well.
 Pokemon cards and a new WiiU game!

 new clothes

 tons of rubber bands for rainbow loom bracelets.... she doesn't look excited about that at all! ;)

 New make-up! My favorite. I also got some new clothes, workout gear, some kitchen gadgets, and my fun bag full of wonderful things (it's like a stocking.... it's my favorite :)

Apparently I didn't get a photo of Andy but he got a ski package/ski school ticket to learn how to snow ski!!!! I was beyond excited for this because I have always dreamed of Andy and i skiing together. He has never snow skied  in his life and he was pretty excited to learn. He also got a bag of handy and delicious stuff, clothes, and sweet saddlebags for his motorcycle. He was thrilled with those as well. 

My parents always give us so much and we love them! We usually do a sibling/cousin family gift exchange as well but this year we decided to pool our money and donate it to someone in need. I always feel like we get SO much at Christmas and don't really need most of it. It was really nice to give more than in Christmas' past. I also love teaching my children the true meaning of Christmas and love their great attitudes about the whole thing. We are extremely blessed.

 These sillies stole my phone and i have about 50 more images just like this.

After we packed everything up, said our good night's and Merry Christmas', we headed home. I gave the kids their Christmas jammies to open up, and Andy and I opened ours as well.

 And I stole a few kisses. Christmas always has me completely giddy!

We took a photo by the Christmas tree, read Luke 2, checked to see where Santa was on the Santa Tracker (already in Colorado! We better get to bed!), put out crackers and cheese (we figured Santa liked some variety now and then, and we forgot to make cookies, whoops) kissed everyone goodnight, and the kids went off to bed.

I got a little tipsy on sparkling cider

All ready for the man in red!

Andy and I watched a movie (Andy fell asleep) and when I woke him after it was over to go upstairs and go to bed, Santa a had come! I didn't even hear him. He's a lithe fellow, that jolly St. Nick, he is.

Off to bed we went and slept snugly in our warm house waiting for the joy of Christmas morning that awaited us in a few hours. Oh, I love Christmas!

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