Sunday, March 20, 2016

Welcome 2016! Happy New Year!

 Another year in the books! We had our super fun traditional New Year's Eve party at our good friends the Heath's. Our other great friends, the Milne's and the Smith's came as well and the four of us families always have the best time. We have 21 kids between us and minus a few of the older ones, they all play and have a great time together. It's pure chaos and craziness. 

We got pizza and everyone always brings one appetizer and one treat. There's always a ton of food, everyone is stuffed. and we just play games all night and laugh and laugh and laugh. The makings of a great night.

Marcie and I couldn't stop laughing at the bromance going down over in the chair between our husbands.

When the time came, we counted down and cheered to the New Year. 

And kissed, of course.

All the crazy kids ran outside and screamed and yelled Happy New Year!

 The ladies had to get our traditional New Year's photo and Nate decided to photobomb and then we couldn't stop laughing.

And it all started because I think Julie said, "Let's take a fake laughing one." And then the real laughing began.

Happy 2016 from our family to yours!

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