Sunday, March 13, 2016

Magnus' Motorcycle Birthday Party!

 I finally did it! I finally figured out how to get pictures on my blog! Time for some freaking catch-up...

Magnus' first birthday party, woo hoo! Since Mag's bday was on a Sunday we had his party the next day. He also got to go to school and he brought donuts for treats. His cute teacher made him a birthday crown and baked him his own little cake. Darling boy.
 M and Miss Karen

Mag requested a motorcycle party and I delivered as best I could.  Decor was all moto.

We had out refueling station where we served mini corn dogs, tater tots, strawberries,  squeeze its, and his cake of choice was mini donuts.

I had a motorcycle picture for them to color as we waited for everyone to arrive.

We had a tattoo parlor (I totally spelled tattoo wrong! Embarrassing) with all different kinds of tats for girls and boys (my personal fave? Skull and crossbones.)

 The party was held in our freshly cleaned garage (thanks Andy!) and we dubbed it Magnus' Bike Shop

And the head Harley ridin' queen herself... yours truly. But I really couldn't have done it without all of my other kids' help. They were all awesome.
 The kids arrived, colored their pictures and we filled up their plates with snacks. Colored pictures went in their red goody bags to take home.

After that we sang Happy Birthday and had donuts. Then we had some drag racing. It was hilarious!

I took a photo of each kid on the motorcycle and printed it out for them to take home in their goody bag.

All the kids lining up to get inked. We added a bunch of tats for them to take home in their goody bag as well.
 Laylah was the tattoo artist for the day.

We opened presents and Magnus got so many fun things.

After gifts it was time for musical chairs. So hilarious with this age.

And then it was time for the motorcycle piñata! They all got a turn to hit it and after we had gone through all of them Magnus was up again... he knocked that thing right open.

Lots of candy and prizes to add to the goody bag!

After that the kids jumped on the tramp until it was time for them to go home. It was a very fun and successful party and the Birthday Boy loved every second. Yay!
Happy 5th, Maggie Boy!

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