Saturday, March 19, 2016

Vegas Bowl!

 The day after Magnus had his scans I surprised Andy and took him to.... The Vegas Bowl! It was his early Christmas gift and he was so excited. I was too, actually. BYU and Utah were playing and it was sure to be a great game. We left after we got the kids off to school and headed down to St. George. We stayed in my parents house down there.
 We went to an early dinner at Texas Roadhouse and rented a movie afterwards. We also headed to the store for groceries. We went back to the house and watched our movie and ate our dessert (ice cream, of course! Our favorite!) 

I got this photo texted to me from my friend Katie, who is one of Magnus' best friends, Beckham's, mom. We had shipped the kid's off to various friend's houses to spend the one night we would be gone. It was extra exciting because we don't normally allow sleepovers except with cousins or for very special occasions, such as mom and dad being out of town. Baron stayed with Asher, Daphne stayed with Nicole, Jonah stayed with Joshua, and Laylah stayed with Ava. They all had a blast.

Anyway! Back to us :) 
We slept in the next morning, ate breakfast, and got ready to go. We cleaned the house quickly and headed down to Vegas. The ride down was fun. There were tons of Ute fans and BYU fans going down.

The stadium was beautiful and the day was perfect. Our tickets weren't that great, but we had some good luck. A huge family was sitting right by us and asked us to trade our tickets for some of their other family who had better seats but wanted to come sit with their family. Of course we said yes! It was in the BYU section, but we didn't care. And then someone else asked us to trade them seats because they were cougar fans and they were sitting in the Ute section. Even better! It ended up perfect and we ended up with terrific seats.  

These are where our original seats were:

Here was our second set of seats:

And finally, our last set!

The game was exciting and fun and of course, BYU was creamed by the Utes.

The drive home was lovely and beautiful and this little get away was just what we needed. I love my husband. He is so much fun and I love just being together. 

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