Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sister's (And Mom) Weekend!

We (my mom and sisters) had a girl's weekend away together in January. Both Kaylie and Suzanne had gotten engaged recently and I wanted to have a fun weekend away together before they both got married. We planned to shop, eat out, and practice their hair and make-up for the weddings. Above all, we wanted to relax and have fun! We were going to go away to Bear Lake or St. George, but then we realized Rachel would be less than a month away from her due date with baby #6, so we had a stay-cation in downtown Salt Lake. It was so much fun!! I adore my sister's and we always laugh and laugh when we are together.

We met Friday morning and headed out for breakfast at Straw Market, this darling little restaurant in the Avenues. It was so yummy.

After that we headed to City Creek for some shopping. We found Kaylie's wedding dinner/going away outfit. It was do-die-for cute and looked so great on her. 
Can you spy all of us in the photo below?

Shopping shenanigans

We went to get manicures after that

 Pretty nails!

We headed to Chedda Burger after that. Soooo yummy. 

Andy texted me this cute picture of the kids. They had a pizza party/movie night while I was gone.

After dinner we headed to our hotel to check-in. We stayed at the Hyatt Regency Salt Lake right next to the Gateway Mall. they had the most amazing hot chocolate bar. It was sooo yummy.  We unpacked and I got to work on the girl's wedding looks. It was just a test run, to try out some looks. We did makeup and hair. The girls looked beautiful.

Beauty is pain!

Look at that cute belly!

We headed down to the hot tub after makeup and hair

There was snow around the pool yard and after being in the hot tub for a bit I got out and started throwing snowballs at everyone. They loved it, I could tell. 

After the hot tub we headed back upstairs and giggled until late into the night and finally went to sleep. The next morning we ate the most delicious breakfast I have ever had at a hotel. I did Kaylie's hair and makeup again for her engagement photos which were later that day, and then we headed out to shop more at The Gateway Mall. We found so many fun things and Rachel and I got Kaylie a cute little outfit at Victoria's Secret for her bachelorette party that was in a few weeks.  

 And then it was time to go home to our families. Sad face. Why do fun things have to end? But on the way home we stopped at Ruby Snap cookies and the owner's husband was there and gave us about 20 samples. They have the most delicious cookies!! We all got one and devoured them. Soooo good.
It was such a great weekend get away. So much fun with my girls. I love my family.

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