Saturday, March 19, 2016

Magnus' Wish Proclamation Party

 In Mid-December we were informed that the board had come to a decision regarding Magnus' wish and had the dates for his cruise. His wish was coming true! The Make-A-Wish process is interesting and takes time. First they have a Wish Declaration Party where they have him send his wish to the wishing wizard. We did that last May. Then the board has to approve the wish and get all of the specifics worked out. Once that is done they inform the parents who keep it a secret until the Wish Declaration Party where they inform the Wish Kid that their wish has come true! It is all very exciting and fun. They use local sponsors who throw the parties. Our party sponsors were a company called In What Language and Andy actually went to high school with the owner. They did our party pirate themed (because of the cruise, of course) and we invited all of our family to come be with us when Magnus would find out his wish was coming true.  

As soon as we arrived to the Make-A-Wish building we were greeted by pirates. They took Magnus on a treasure hunt with a totally awesome map that he still loves and play with today. They looked all around the building to find clues that would tell them where to go next.

I took photos along the way of the darling decorations for the party.

Looking for another clue

Magnus was up on the "Wish in Progress" board

The final clue led us to the Wishing Tower.

We went in to find...


Magnus was read his Wish Proclamation that his wish for a cruise was coming true!
 Look at that happy face!

We had treats and took lots of pictures afterwards. Magnus loves the Wishing Place. So many great memories in that building.

These are all of the employees from In What Language--thank you for our awesome pirate party, sponsors!

These special people are (from L-R) Daniel (the director of Make-A-Wish), Stefanie and Joe (Magnus' wish granters who are volunteers to the organization)

It was such a special night. Even though having your child diagnosed with cancer is like, the crappiest thing ever, it is so amazing to me all of the joy and happiness that has come from it. I am so thankful to all of the incredible organizations and especially people that we have had the privilege of associating with because of what Magnus has been through. We are so, so blessed.

And just one last hilarious photo:
 Magnus LOVES his treasure map and treasure chest. He plays with them all the time. Cutie.

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