Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday, Daphne!

 This cutie turned 10 on January 13th! She requested french toast roll-ups, pears and blackberries, sausage, and hot cocoa for her birthday breakfast. She opened one gift (a cute new shirt) and went to school. I told her I would come take her to lunch during school but she preferred a special lunch from home instead which consisted of raman and crackers, strawberries, pickles, and a candy bar. I added a special happy birthday note. She was a lunch worker that week and didn't want to miss it. Funny girl. She took donuts to school for her class and she said she loved wearing her birthday crown and having everyone sing to her.
 Cute, grown-up birthday girl!

That night we had her birthday dinner and family party with grandparents. She chose pork chops, Sarah Salad (a recipe from the Lion House), carrots with avocado ranch dip, and loaded baked potatoes. The girl loves her food and she was very specific about what she wanted for every meal! Food is one of my ways I show my kids how much I love them on their birthdays. They love choosing all of the meals.

Grandparents arrived after dinner and Daph opened her gifts. She got moccasins, Real Salt Lake tickets (for her and Andy to go together), goalie gloves, cute new pj's and the movie Book of Life. Her big gift was her room redo. She got a new lamp and mirrors as part of her room decor from Grandma Claudia and Papa Bry, money from both great grandmas, and money and a game (I think?! I'll have to check) from Gma and Gpa Collette.

 Daphne doesn't love cake. Since she was having a cake for her birthday party, she chose an ice cream bar with a variety of ice cream, sauces and toppings.

 Birthday kisses!

 My mom had to work and came to see Daphne after she got off. 

Daphne at 10:
Daphne is so much fun and I could not adore her loving personality more. She is such a little sweetheart, and always willing to help anyone. She is so happy all of the time and constantly has a smile on her face. She has the best attitude and volunteers to do things for me all of the time. She is the best big sister and adores her little brothers, especially Magnus. She plays with him all of the time and he loves when she babysits him because she will literally do anything he wants. She sings him songs when he goes to bed and rubs his back and reads him stories. Their little relationship is so sweet. She and Laylah are so fun together as well. They don't always get along, but when they do they get super hilarious and so giggly. Daph, Bear, and Jonah love to go out and play soccer together, but that usually ends in a conflict. Daphne thinks everything should be fair and when it doesn't turn out that way, she gets upset.

Daphne has a saucy side to her as well. When she gets into one of her huffy moods or her "life isn't fair" moods, there is no negotiating with her. She is whiny and gets an attitude about her and until she decides to change it, there is nothing to be done. Luckily it doesn't happen often, and she is usually back to her sweet self pretty quickly. 

Daphne has always loved school until this year. She loves going to school for the social aspect. She has a great circle of friends and they have so much fun together. But her grades have not been her best work this year. She decides she does not love school as much as she once did and she "forgets" when things are due and has turned in things late more times this year than any other year combined. She has had to suffer the consequences and I am hoping we can get through the rest of this year without much further incident. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to read and would happily read all day long if she could. Her teacher has had to get after her for reading when she is supposed to be doing other work. We have had to limit her reading at home because we want her to get outside and get some sunshine and exercise. She easily reads a 300 book in a couple days. They have a reading program at school and she currently has the high score out of the entire school. She reads at a 9th grade level and literally cannot get enough of reading.

Daphne still plays competitive soccer and adores it. She has gotten so good and it is so fun to watch her. She is a great little defender, but her coach has also played her as a forward this season. She has scored a couple goals and she gets very excited since she doesn't get the opportunity often. More recently she has had a couple of problems with the growth plates in her feet and we have had to see the podiatrist and get some x-rays. She is currently on a little hiatus and wearing a brace so her ankle can rest. She will go back after spring break and see how she is doing then. She has also been guest playing for a couple teams and the coaches have been so complimentary. I am so proud of her dedication and hard work.

Daphne has gotten into art over the last year and loves to draw. She got some art supplies for her birthday and loves to sit at her new desk in her new room and spend hours drawing and painting. She also loves to play all sorts of imaginary games with her friends and  often asks to go play at a friend's house. She likes to jump on our tramp and play night games in the circle behind our house with all the neighborhood kids. Daphne is still absolutely obsessed with horses and LOVES to ride. She is so sad that her aunt Kaylie has moved away and she can no longer take riding lessons, but we have a friend that told us we can use his horses and I need to take her out to ride. She also loves to cook and has started trying out new recipes. She loves to make pancakes and mac and cheese. She is learning some new recipes (that don't always turn out!) but she tries and that is what is important.

Daphne is the best little gal. She loves the gospel and she has a very strong testimony. She often talks to me or texts me about scriptures that she has read and she amazes me with her knowledge and understanding and maturity. She is about halfway through the Book of Mormon. I am so proud of her and how responsible she is. I simply adore her and could not love her more. We love our Daphne girl and are so glad she is a part of our family!

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