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November and Everything in Between

 You know me, I like to cram as much as I can into one post, so off we go.... November!

Daphne was obsessed with guinea pigs for so long and she loved Princess while we had her... that is, until she didn't. So we said goodbye to Princess and sold her to a new home with a little girl. Goodbye Princess, I hope you have a great life! 
 And with that we were back to a one pet family, our dog, Sadie. She is really all we can handle and I have not heard ONE WORD about any of our kids wanting another pet since we sold our tortoise and guinea pig. They really are so much work and I'm glad my kids learned that they have to work hard and take care of their commitments. Or we sell them, haha.

Our ward has a tradition of Sis. Pink where a member of the Relief Society is given the name of a girl in Young Women's and  they bring them little gifts and treats and notes of encouragement for one month before Young Women in Excellence. We have to take turns since there are so many Relief Society sisters and not very many Young Women, and I participated last year so not this year. At Young Women in Excellence the Sis. Pinks are revealed and the YW can thank them for all that they've done for them. Laylah's project this year was dance. This is her display:

Laylah was also asked to come up and bear her testimony by the bishop and he asked her to answer a few questions. Andy and I kept making faces at her and giggling and she called us out at the microphone! Everyone was laughing so hard and told us how funny she was afterwards. Well, she must really take after her parents because we think we're pretty funny ;)

Laylah ad her Sis. Pink, Cindy (who happens to be one of my very dear friends and who did SO many darling things for Laylah!! We love you Cindy!)

 Beautiful Autumn. I joked to Andy that this was an ombre tree and I had to document it.

Date night. My fave night.

 The day came that we had one of my favorite Sundays of the year... Primary Program Sunday! My 4 cuties did an amazing job and I was beaming with pride at my senior primary kids (I am the senior primary chorister) and it was weird to have Laylah sitting in the congregation with us instead of singing up front. The kids all did an amazing job and I loved watching them.

 Just one of those sleepy, snugly Sundays.

 We headed downtown to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building for FHE one night and watched Meet The Mormons. We had yet to see it and we all just loved it. We were the only ones in that giant theater and I cried and cried at the end story about the mom sending out her missionary. I will send out TWO missionaries at the same time in just 6 short years and I know it will just fly by.

 School pictures were a bomb this year. I had to work at 6 AM on picture day and the girl's hair did not turn out, plus Jonah's glasses were skewampous. We had to get 3 of the 4 kids retakes and the results were much better the second time around:

 The day came for Daphne to get those pesky tonsils and adenoids out.
 She was nervous but also so, so brave.

 Since she was the oldest one on the schedule that day her surgery wasn't until 2 o'clock. I let her go to school and picked her up around 12:30 to take her to the hospital.
 We got her all set and ready, spoke to the doctor and anesthesiologist, and then waited until they were ready for her.

I was surprised when it took nearly an hour before they came to get me. I had never had it take that long. When the doctor spoke to me he said he had trouble actually removing her tonsils because there was so much scar tissue surrounding them. It was a very good thing we had gotten them out. She also bled a lot and he had to cauterize a lot more than normal, so he said she would be extra sore. However, the good news was that her adenoids looked great so he didn't actually need to remove them, just her tonsils.

When I went back to see her she gave me a big grin. The nurses told me she was the happiest patient they had ever had! I believed that. I sure love my sweet Daphne girl!
 After being in Phase I recovery they moved us to Phase II
 She was a little nauseous, but was ready to go after about 1/2 hour.

 We had her all set up and ready to go home. I had prepped with lots of books, movies, ice cream, jell-o, and other things to keep her happy and comfy.

 Daphne was the BEST patient ever! She followed the doctors orders to a T and carried a water bottle with her everywhere. She drank all day long (to keep her scabs soft) and took her pain meds when she was supposed to. I only ever heard her complain once on the third day (the worst day) but her friends heart-attacked our door that day and made her so happy! She was seriously the best little gal.

 We had a fun skating night at Classic for our school spirit night and the kids had a great time skating, playing games, and riding the mechanical bull.

 Daphne got to the point where she was bored enough to play with toys she hasn't used in years. She is so creative. And she was SO happy to go back to school!

 This is Bear's Thanksgiving Feast at school, a fun tradition.

 I got a jump on Christmas and ordered a bunch of succulents to put in cute pots and give away as gifts. It's hard to tell from the photo but they were SO tiny!

 We were able to go to a fun play at Off-Broadway theater with U-Hope (they took over Hope Kids- the organization for kids with life-threatening illnesses that offers fun and free family activities all year round) It's a comedy club that does spoofs on certain shows/movies. This one was The Grouch Who Stole Christmas and was based on Sesame Street, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. It was hilarious and the kids loved it.

 Oh, ya know, just comparing my feet to my 7 year old's which happen to be the same size as mine. WHAT?!

 Mag couldn't quite figure out what I meant by "One more month til Christmas!" so we made a paper chain to help him "see" how much longer.

 I wish I had a "before" photo of my newest disease that has reared its ugly head over the last couple years (yes, as bad as this looks, it is the "after" and waaaay better than the "before"). I have been diagnosed with some crazy skin disorder (another auto-immune issue) and my skin basically peels off in sheets. This was on the road to recovery after it got so bad that I couldn't even bend my fingers. I found a new dermatologist who helped them get so much better. They will always have problems and I will always need medication for them, but at least I don't look like I have leprosy anymore.

Happy Thanksgiving!!
 i had to work on Thanksgiving this year. Perks of being the newbie. But it really wasn't so bad. the hospital tries to discharge everyone that they possibly can, so it was a super slow and easy-going day. They also feed us a huge Thanksgiving feast. my darling family came and surprised me (I was shocked!) and ate lunch with me.

Andy had the kids make me a card and they were all SO cute. 

It was our year to go to Andy's parents house. Andy sent me this photo of the boys playing dress-up in pioneer clothes and wigs. Hilarious. 

 My parent's friend manages Classic Skating and every year he invites a bunch of friends and family to come spend the evening there. It was SOOOO much fun! I felt like a little kid again! We ran around, played laser tag, rollerbladed, jumped in the bouncy houses, went down slides, jumped in the foam pit, played tag, and on and on. It was a fun night. It was also the first time in years that I didn't go Black Friday shopping. But I had done all my shopping online, so I didn't need anything and it was nice to hangout with my cute family.
 We took the kids home and then Andy and I went to a late movie. It was such a great day and I love Thanksgiving.

The next day Andy and I took the kids to pick some kid's names off the Angel Tree. We went shopping for them and picked out all sorts of fun toys, clothes, shoes, and coats. We had talked to the kids about doing this this year and asked if they would be willing to give up some of their Christmas for these kids. They were all thrilled to do it (some more than others, haha) and I think it was a great lesson for them.

 My cute sis Kaylie got engaged in November! She invited Rachel and I to go wedding dress shopping with her and my mom to get some opinions. It was so much fun and we found her the most darling dress that she looked stunning in. It was totally opposite of what she thought she wanted, kind of funny.

And on the last day of November we set up Christmas! Such a fun tradition, I love it. 

Great teamwork!
So cozy. I love this time of year. It's so wonderful. 

November was just fabulous and somewhere in there we also had dental check-ups (no cavities, yay!) and I had lots of school stuff. It was such a great month because I knew in December I would be quitting my job, the semester would be ending, and Christmas was coming. So many great things made it a terrific month.

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