Sunday, March 27, 2016

Today I...

Today I wish I was back in Disneyland...

Just kidding. But it WAS a crazy day. A good day. But a crazy one.

Today I woke up at 6:10 AM. I immediately pushed snooze, but when my phone started dinging as I received text after text (Time to get up! Don't push snooze! Get your butt out of bed!), I turned my snooze off and rolled out of bed. The texts were from my gal pals. We run together every Saturday morning at 6:30 AM. We are training for a half marathon and we ran 7 miles this morning. I was dragging near the end. But I did it. I finished. And next week I get to do 8. 

Today I made chocolate chip pancakes for my kids and husband. I wasn't going to have any, but I gave in to temptation. The green protein smoothie just wasn't doing it for me. I really need to get back into my good eating habits. It hasn't happened yet, though. 

Today I gave all three of my boys haircuts. They have been asking for a week or so, and I promised that Saturday would be the day. I kept my promise. Before the cutting started I threw-in a load of laundry and put 20 eggs in a pot to hard-boil so we could color them for Easter tomorrow. 

Today I made all four of my older kids watch me clean the bathroom. It's really their job (we have 2 bathrooms and they all switch off cleaning them) but they have been severely lacking in the correct cleaning process that I prefer ;) They watched me clean and scrub and wash the bathroom. I explained how I expect them to do it every week and that if they would do it correctly, it would be faster and easier the next week. I also went and showed them how to dust properly. All of their chores have not been their best effort lately. Hopefully now they'll try a little harder and my house will be a little cleaner! It sure was today after I did all their chores, haha!

Today I showered and got ready and took Baron to his soccer game with Andy. He played awesome and his team won 5-3. We rushed to the stake center after the game to Bear's best friend, Ezra's, baptism. We got there right as it was starting and it was such a fun and wonderful service. The other 4 kids had walked there and it sure made me a proud mama to see the 4 of them sitting in a row saving us a seat! After that we headed to Ezra's house for a barbecue. I brought a super yummy salad and we had so much fun hanging out with good friends and eating good food. 

Today I took my 2 girls to the Women's Conference. It was absolutely wonderful. I love it more every time and I am so proud of my girl's who seem to enjoy it just as much as I do. 

Today I colored Easter Eggs with my five children at 8:30PM right before they headed to bed after a busy and fulfilling day. They had so much fun and I marveled that I could just sit there and literally do nothing because they are all old enough to take care of themselves. 

Today I read scriptures and said prayers with my family. I kissed all of my kids and sent them to bed and got everything ready for the Easter Bunny to come. 

Today I finished 8 loads of laundry and Andy folded them . I have laundry hanging all over my laundry room drying. 

Today I went to the grocery store at 11 PM for some last minute groceries for our Easter celebrations tomorrow, and today I prepared a few things for my calling at church. Today I finished up a few assignments for school and turned in a project I've been working on for several weeks. 

Today I got a lot done and felt very accomplished. I rarely have a day like today, and I am grateful for these days, as few and far between as they are.

Today I am so grateful for my Savior and for his resurrection so that we can live with Him again. I am grateful that I can live with my family forever and that Christ sacrificed Himself so that I could have the life I do. 

Today I am thankful for Easter and so thankful for my family. Today I am thankful for today.

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Ryan and Erin said...

What a lovely post! Thank you!