Monday, June 21, 2010

A Day for Daddies

Dad's are the greatest. I am so blessed to have 3 of the very best ones in my life. First there's this guy:Father of my children. Loves, adores, teaches and supports. Especially when I say "Honey? I think I want another baby." And he responds with, "Uhh, okay."

And then this guy:
MY dad. Oh, I sure do love him. He is the problem solver of the universe, always willing to help, bringer of lunches, player with grandkids, helper with all things needed, dad extrodinaire. He even came over to my house once, when my husband was out of town, and my dog had been hit by a car. It was horrible and he came and buried her in my backyard and then sat with me on the couch with his arm around me and told me about his childhood dogs while I cried into his shoulder. What a guy. We even have a song. It became our song around my sophomore year and I almost blew up my little red Acura's engine because I never checked the oil. It's by the Dixie Chicks and it's called "Wide Open Spaces". It always brings a tear to my eye. My dad and I are very close and I love love love him.

Then we have this guy:
My dad-in-law. He sure did raise a wonderful man, I think mostly because he is one himself. He has welcomed me with open arms from the very beginning. He is funny, kind, and generous. He always laughs at my jokes (and he's usually the only one laughing :), he gives the best hugs and always tells me he loves me. He is always up for some fun, and he always tells me I'm the greatest and a terrific mother. I love him a lot.
So, thanks you three dads. I love ya, and I'm glad we have a day to celebrate you, and I get to brag about you and tell everyone how wonderful you are-because you are.
Happy Father's Day!

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