Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Birthday America!

 We had a fabulous and patriotic fourth of July this year. We started out the morning bright and early to go see the Murray 4th of July parade. I have never been, but I had heard that it had a cult-like following, and that was no understatement. It was beyond crazy, but really fun. Especially because we had amazing seats, courtesy of some friends in our ward. They set-up an area in front of their dealership (which happens to be on State Street right where the parade is) and they save seats for friends and family, cook pancakes and bacon, and they have a huge breakfast smorgasboard. It was a lot of fun.

 Andy was the red and white, and I was the blue with the white polka-dots, er, I mean, stars.

 The floats were from every city in the valley, and they were really fun to look at. There were a ton of politicians this year, since Murray City Mayor is up for grabs this fall. Overall, it was a good time with good friends.

 Later that day, while Magnus napped and Andy did homework, I took the kids swimming. Nothing more All-American than that!

That evening, we went to Andy's sister Stefenie's house where we had a barbecue and watched fireworks. Fun night with more good food and great people that we love! Isn't that what holidays are about?

 I love this country with a fierce pride, and I am truly proud to be a part of this great nation. I love you America!

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