Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Random Catch-Up Part 4

I'm back, so let's jump right in, shall we?
Well, as you all know, I have started back to school. Summer semester started the week after my kids got out of school, and while I knew it would be busy and expected to have a different summer than usual, it hasn't been how I expected it at all. It has gone well, but I am waaaaaayyyyy busier than I thought I'd be. I have had to for-go several fun things in lieu of studying and homework. I just keep telling myself that it is only for a couple years, and that if I know there is an end in sight, I can do it. I just received my first tests results back from both my math and English class, and I got an A on both tests! I am thrilled. Hard work does pay off, I guess! 
Back in the middle of June, we had a special FHE with our primary. They set up a tour at Temple Square, and we got to meet with the sister missionaries that serve there. We watched a movie about eternal families, and got to walk around the grounds. It was so much fun. We met on the lawn afterwards and had a treat and sang a song. It was a really fun night. We have an amazing primary presidency.

As we were walking back to the parking garage, Magnus escaped and disappeared (Houdini, I tell you) and as I ran around frantically looking for him, I heard some giggles and found him at this fountain playing in the water. This kid will be the death of me.
Daphne's love of playing the piano has really grown the last few months, and she decided to start working on composing a song. She wants to enter it into the Reflections contest in the fall. As I sat in my chair doing homework, she played and wrote and played and wrote. So sweet.
Jonah is a little bit crazy, and he decided to knock down a hornet's nest one day. Before they could get too mad, he ran over with a jar, scooped the whole thing up, and stuck the lid on it. Yuck. He kept it for a few days and then released them far, far away from our house.
Rachel has been visiting since summer started and it has been so much fun. She is getting one of her rental properties ready to sell, and with me in school, we have not been able to get up to our usual level of shenanigans, but we have still had fun. This particular day, my mom took my sisters and me all out for lunch at Citrus Grill and then shopping. We all found a new dress and it was just such a fun day. I adore my sister's and my momma.
My kids have already completed the summer reading program at the library. They receive all sorts of prizes, some of them being free meals to different restaurants. We went to Denny's to have breakfast for dinner one night when Andy was really busy with school work. I chose something off the value menu, so to feed all six of us, it cost $2.50 ($6 with tip). Incredible!
At the beginning of July, we went up to the mountains with some friends for FHE. We had a weenie roast, fruit, chips, salad, and s'mores for dessert of course. Between the 3 families (us and two other couples) there were 15 children. We were right by a river and a short hike, and the kids had a blast, as usual.
This is what Magnus looked like right when we got there:

And this is what he looked like 10 minutes after we got there:
 Look at the difference in his shirt! Dirty little kid...
Cute girls

Katrina's daughter spilled water on her pants about 5 different times. She finally roasted them over the fire to dry them. Mom's are smart.
And right when we were ready to leave, we decided to let the boys put the fire out. They loved it.
I have really grown to love my ward here in Murray. Marcie and Katrina have become great friends. I am grateful we could have a fun night and it was a miracle that no one got lost or hurt!

Poor Magnus. This poor child spent the majority of the last part of June and first part of July tossing his cookies. He started out with the virus, and since then, Daphne has gotten it, then Magnus again, then Baron, then Laylah, and then Daphne again. I have had it with The Pukes. I am hoping we are through, but with our luck, Jonah will pick it up just in time for his birthday on Friday. We shall see... 
The first weekend in July, we had plans to go to Bear Lake with my family. Well, it turns out that both of my classes were having the mid-term test while I was supposed to be in Bear Lake. I decided I would have to skip this year so I would have time to study and do well (which obviously paid off. Sacrifice...)
My super kind, generous, and loving parents volunteered to still take the older 4 kids up with them so I could have some peace and quiet. The day my parents went up, Andy's family had planned a play day at the lake, so Andy took the older 4 kids up to Pineview with his family to spend the day. I spent the day with a sick Magnus, studying.
The kids and Andy had a blast playing up at Pineview for the day. His parents rented wave-runners, and they just had a blast playing with cousins and hanging out. I was sad I missed it, but like I said, the mom must sacrifice, right?!

 After they were done playing for the day, Andy took the kids up to Logan where he met my mom and she took the kids back up to Bear Lake with her. Andy got home that night and told me that he was taking me out since I had been working so hard, and missed the fun day at the lake because Magnus was sick. Magnus was feeling much better, so we picked up some takeout (my favorite sushi, of course) and then we headed to the drive-in movies.
 This is a weird picture of M. I think the flash caught him by surprise, plus he is eating popcorn. But he was so excited and loved having mom and dad all to himself.
We saw Monster's University and thought it was darling. Magnus loves movies and watched the whole thing happily. After that show, he fell asleep in the back seat, and Andy and I stayed for the double feature, which was The Lone Ranger. I fell asleep, it was pretty boring. It was a fun night, and a quiet weekend, studying and catching up on lost sleep. The kids had a blast in Bear Lake (except Baron, that's where he got sick) and it was fun to see them Tuesday night when they got home. Just in time for me to say goodbye, because I left the next morning for Girl's Camp for 4 days.
Anyway, I'm caught up with my random stuff, but I still have some other catching up to do including Laylah's birthday, soccer season, Bear's preschool graduation, some holidays, and a few other things. Life never stops, does it?

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