Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Random Catch-Up Part 5

These random catch-up posts have been great at helping me to better document what goes on in the Collette household. I think I might make it a monthly thing, sort of a "What We've Been Up To" post, pretty much for my own benefit. Sorry if it is super boring to anyone out their who reads my blog. I like it because it helps me feel like I am keeping more of a journal, which I should do, but I don't.

Anyway... the first thing is, of course, my kids trip to Bear Lake with their grandparents. Apparently everyone there was real big slackers in the picture taking department (I can't imagine why, 4 kids doesn't keep me busy at all... tee hee ;), so if my mom can find any, I will add them to this post later. They had a blast though, boating, swimming, miniature golfing, crafting, getting shakes, playing with cousins, watching movies, playing games.... basically kid heaven.

I left to Girl's Camp the day after my kids got back, but when I got home 4 days later, this was waiting to greet me:
 Laylah had made these cookies all by herself, and they all signed a card for me. So cute!

Some of our dear friends from Virginia, The Archibald's, were in town for a family reunion, and they took a night out of their busy schedule to meet up with us. We went to Chick-Fil-A because one of their kids has celiac disease, and that is the only place who has gluten free food. And bonus: they are delicious, so win-win.

Daphne and Ian went to preschool together, and Baron and Collin went to playgroup together for 2 years. They are the best of buddies. Baron has always been bigger than Collin, but for the huge height difference between them now, I would never guess that they are only 8 months apart!
And now Ian is as tall as Jonah, and Daphne was dwarfed in comparison! Oh genes, they are funny things. 

Thanks for the visit Archibald's, we love you!
Onto Magnus, my never-ending trouble-finder/maker/lover.
Exhibit A:
I came into the kitchen one morning to find this. I'm not sure exactly what he was trying to do. I like to call him the "Silent Assassin", because I never hear him doing anything. I just find things after the fact. I know, I know, I should just lock the whole kitchen up at night so he can't get into stuff in the morning, but really? That's basically impossible, and I'm sure it wouldn't stop him anyway. If that kid wants something, he will find a way to get it. I suppose that will serve him well later in life, but for now, it is just a pain in the neck.
Exhibit B:
Waffles anyone?

Exhibit C:
He was looking for a certain book apparently, and tore the entire playroom apart in the process. Good thing I love the little booger.
Onto our fun day at Lagoon. I love Lagoon so much. This year was interesting, as I have been taking some medication that makes me unusually dizzy. As I got off certain rides and rollercoasters, I felt like I just might black-out. I was fine after a few minutes, but it was rather annoying. It was a really fun day none-the-less. 
My mom and I showed up in matching shirts that we bought about 4 years ago together. Funny :)
And of course, all the kids had a blast. I love that my older 4 can go on every ride now. It is so much more fun than it used to be with a bunch of tiny kids.

Of course, we do still have one tiny kid, so we did have to spend some time in Kiddieland.

Jonah's hair was everywhere after getting off of Wicked. Plus, a funny photo-bomber :)

And we went on the white roller coaster 3 times in a row as our last ride for the night. Fun, fun times and great memories were had by all. I love this yearly tradition my parents have started!
I just love this picture, so I had to post it. Andy and his brother Ryan play in a basketball league together, and this particular night their other brother David joined them because they didn't have enough guys on their team to play. I wish they would have been standing up. Ryan is 6'8'' and David is 6'9'', so Andy, although tall at 6'3'', looks like a little kid next to them. Anyway, I just liked it of these 3 brothers :)
Next up, we have Pioneer Day! My parents do a fun campout with all the grandkids on Pioneer Day, along with a barbecue, s'mores, and fireworks. It was a fun night, like always :)

We were too lazy to set up any tents this year, so the kids all piled onto the tramp in a big heap of bodies, pillows, blankets, and sleeping bags. They didn't go to bed 'til midnight, but at least they slept in 'til 7!
Our ward also does a neighborhood breakfast/children's parade for Pioneer Day. I opted out and went to the gym instead, and Andy forgot to take any pictures, but the kids had a blast, or so I hear. I love holidays.
Another fun thing we did recently was head over to Wheeler Farm with Andy's entire family (except for Jenny's family, and Terra) and fed ducks, watched all the kids play together, chatted, and ate pizza for lunch. I really lucked out with the in-laws. They are a fun bunch! No pictures because it was so hot, and I couldn't manage to make myself even get into my purse to take my phone out. Lazy me.
Moving on, I just wanted to say how much I love Murray City. I used to think they had a weird sort of city pride, but I am quickly joining the ranks of Murray City lovers. These are all from the Murray Library's reading program, which all of my kids completed this year. Free meals, yay! On top of all these gift certificates, they received little prizes like crayons, giant bouncy balls, stuffed animals, and pool toys. Also, they each received a brand new book of their choosing. I love the program, it is awesome.
And one last thing... date night! Yay! I love my husband, and our date nights are truly few and far between, so every time is like a little celebration for me :)
Love you honey... thanks for being on this crazy ride of life with me.

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