Sunday, July 21, 2013

Spring Soccer and Tryouts!

Spring soccer was so much fun this year. I really surprised myself with how much I enjoyed watching the kids play. Maybe I really am a soccer mom at heart. But seriously, it is so weird to me how much all of my kids love soccer, a sport that neither Andy nor I played, and know nothing about (well, we're getting better :). But I guess if they are going to play and love soccer, I better love it too!
Laylah has been playing with her competitive team since last summer, and they played awesome this spring. They really improved from the fall. They only lost 2 games and took second place overall. I love watching Laylah play. When tryouts came for her competitive team after the season was over, she really had a hard time deciding if she wanted to play again, because she has really missed dance. I only let my kids do one extra-curricular activity, so she had to make a choice. I encouraged her to do whatever she wanted, but I secretly hoped she would choose soccer because I have started to really love the game and watching her play. It is fun! In the end, she decided to tryout. She made the team again, and then, the day after she made it, she changed her mind. She decided to do dance after all, so I had to tell her soccer coach that she had changed her mind. I sold her uniform to a new girl on the team, so it really is final. I was a little sad, but I am excited to watch her dance after her 4 year hiatus. We have signed her up for ballet and jazz. I can't wait to watch her, I obviously love and know dance :)
Jonah was absolutely incredible this year. He played with the rec league, and in his first game, he scored three goals. I was shocked and wondered who this kid was and where he came from! Last year when he played, he played okay, but this year, he was a super star. I guess all of that practicing in the backyard really paid off. He scored nearly every game the rest of the season, and is an amazing defense player; nothing gets past that kid. He decided to try-out for Murray Max as well (the competitive soccer league that Laylah played for), but he didn't make the team. I was so shocked, because I watched try-outs, and I know I am his mom, but I don't feel like I am biased. He is really, really good. I emailed the coach asking what Jonah could improve on over the year so that he could make the team next year, and the coach didn't tell me anything. He basically gave me a bunch of mumbo-jumbo about how the boys who were on the team last year had first priority, even if there was a better player. Since there were only 2 spots left after the last year's boys made the team, and they had 12 extra boys tryout, Jonah didn't make it. I am still mad about it, but it has been a good lesson for Jonah. He is playing rec ball again in the fall, and he has already been practicing. He is determined to make the competitive team next year.
Daphne improved so much this year as well. She played rec too, and scored 5 or 6 goals throughout the season, and her love of soccer really grew. She had a fun season with Andy as her coach. She was just playing for fun, and this fall, she wanted to start gymnastics, but after the season was over, she decided to try-out for  Murray Max as well. There were about 40 girls trying out in her age division, and only 26 made the two teams that were put together. I let her tryout for the experience, but I didn't think she had much of a chance to make it. So, imagine my surprise and shock when she did make the team! She is following in her big sister's footsteps. So, Daphne will be playing competitive soccer for the next year. She started practices right after tryouts, and they have been going all summer. Her first competition is in August, and she is loving it. I am excited to watch her play this fall and see her improvements.
Baron, oh Baron. I was not going to let him play after last year's debacle (he cried every game, and sat out half the time), but his best friend was going to play, so he begged and promised that he would be better. And he was, for the most part. He did cry a few times, and told me he was too tired to run, but he scored so many times and liked playing. He was gigantic compared to all of the other little preschoolers, and several times we were asked if he was really preschool age. Baron had so much fun that he decided to play fall soccer with his two best friends, so we'll see how that goes.
Anyway, here are some fun pics of the season. I didn't take a lot, and apparently none of Laylah's season (except a team picture), but I took a ton of video, so at least we'll have that for memories.
 My 4 soccer players (and Magnus, admiring his older siblings :)

 She's #7
 Kneeing the ball
Laylah's Murray Max Black team
And of course, trophies for all. Of the rec players, that is...

Fun season! I am excited for fall....

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