Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Catch-Up Part 3

So, moving along with my little catch-up posts, Bear had another field trip to a local bakery in May. The owner was so cute with the kids and I learned so many things about how a bakery is run. It was really fun!
I love Bear's shocked face as the owner is showing us a normal size mixer with it's attachments, and then a commercial sized mixer and it's attachments. So funny :)
All of Bear's cute little preschool friends.
After a tour of the bakery, the kids were able to decorate sugar cookies.

We also took some donuts home for FHE.... they were amazing.
Since the warm weather has come to stay, Kaylie and I have been riding together more. It has been so much fun, I forget how much I really love riding.
We decided to go riding on her birthday at the end of May. It was an absolutely beautiful morning. We were riding towards the east when all of the sudden, I heard a huge thunder crash, and turned around to see this:

It moved towards us so quickly that we didn't even have time to get back to the barn before the skies opened up and all of the sudden the horses were freaking out and hail the size of BB's were falling out of the sky and pelting us so hard that I wanted to cry. I had bright red spots all over my bare skin in a matter of seconds. We hopped off the horses because there was a lot of lightening and the thunder was deafening. My horse, Sage, tried to take off and dragged me several feet before I was able to get her under control. It was very scary. We had to walk a couple miles back, but we made it, safe and sound. Drenched as a drowned rat, but safe to be sure.
Poor Sage. I'm just glad we were all okay.
This is just from a random day after we had gone to the library. I absolutely love that my kids love to read. They were all so engrossed in their books that they didn't even notice me snapping a photo.
Becca and her family came to visit at the end of May, and it was so fun to see them and be able to get together and let the kids play. I miss her a lot, and I know my kids miss her kids. I wish they could move back when Brian finishes dental school. Time will tell!
The week before Bear's preschool ended, his teacher planned a family night at the farm. We had a picnic and got to look at all the animals. It was so much fun because of the springtime, and we loved walking around to see all of the new babies that had been born.

Magnus had a blast chasing the ducks.
There were a couple piƱatas for the kids to break open, and his teacher also provided some yummy ice cream treats.

It was a fun night together as a family.
Andy's sister Jenny (who lives in St. George) came up for a weekend and so we planned to get together for a park day with his whole family. We brought lunch and treats, bats, balls, and had all sorts of fun playing for hours. We played old-school games like Red Rover, Friendship Tag, Freeze Tag, as well as soccer, volleyball, and some others. It was an absolute blast.

Of course, with that many people, there are bound to be a few injury's. I think at least 5 kids got hurt in various ways. Laylah got a huge fat lip (from her own dad!), but luckily everyone is fine now :)
Daphne had a huge power point presentation that she had been working on for months. It was so much fun to go and watch her be all professional and present her info on African Cape Hunting Dogs. 

Of course with the end of the school year comes lots of field trips. I was able to chaperone a few, but only got photos with Jonah's trip to the zoo. I also went with Daphne to an Earth Day celebration, and Laylah to the Murray Nature Center.

And finally, at long last, the final day of school arrived! I sent the kids with end of year teacher gifts. S'mores stuff with a note that said "We realy need S'MORE great teacher like YOU!"
And while they were having a blast signing yearbooks, having class parties, watching movies and saying goodbye to friends, I was at home slaving away over our traditional last day of school Treat Lunch. They chose homemade donuts (powdered and chocolate frosted), as well as homemade oreos.

I threw in some chocolate milk and strawberries to round out our (somewhat) healthy meal ;)
After that, all the kids took off to various friends' houses to play and celebrate summer. They all went to a big water party, and that night we were invited to a friends for a PJ and pizza party. It was great fun.
The next night was our huge traditional neighborhood beginning of summer party. Andy and I were out of town, but the kids said it was a blast. And that is how our summer started. Perfectly :)

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