Friday, July 26, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

 Dad's are awesome, and we sure love ours around these parts. Every single one of my kids helped me make Andy breakfast in bed. They all colored him a card, and helped me wrap his gifts. We love our dad!

I especially love the cute little gifts the primary has the kids make. They had them each fill out this questionaire, and while Laylah, Daphne, and Baron's were sweet... Jonah's was just hilarious.

Homemade biscuits to go along with our Father' Day dinner.

Can I just talk about what a great dad Andy is for a minute? The kids adore him. He is so much fun. Saturday mornings are one of my favorite's. The kids usually all end up in our bed, where a huge wrestling match ensues. I just hide under the covers in the corner, trying not to get trampled. It is one of the memories I will always cherish about my husband. He is also a great teacher. He is so smart and knows how to do everything, and he is passing on this information to our children. He teaches them to work hard so that we can play hard. He is also funny, and always joking and making us all laugh. I love seeing my children's little personality quirks that remind me of Andy. I sure married a keeper.

 Can I talk about my amazing father now? Anyone who knows my dad loves him. He is so generous with his time and talents, and happy to help anyone in need. My dad never wants to see any of his children unhappy. He will do anything he can to help them. This has stretched over to his grandchildren as well, and my kids love their "Papa Bry" so much. My dad loves to have fun and he is very spontaneous. Growing up, one of my favorite things to hear from him was, "I feel like doing (insert fun thing here), so let's go!" and off we would go on a weekend adventure camping, or to Lake Powell, or just to get ice cream down the street. I know I get my appetite for getting out and doing fun things from him. My dad is the greatest, and I love him dearly.

And like I mentioned, my kids adore him.

I don't have a recent photo of Andy's dad, Jeff, but he is wonderful too. I am so grateful to have such a generous and kind father-in-law. I am especially grateful to him for raising up Andy to be a good man, and a hard worker. Jeff is hilarious, and we get along so well because he and Andy are like the same person. It is really funny how alike they are in everything they do. Their personality, humor, and quirks are so similar, it's no wonder I like him so much!

I am so grateful for these amazing men in my life, and grateful that we can have a day to celebrate them and their said awesomeness :) Happy Father's Day boys!

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