Friday, July 26, 2013

St. George Girl's Trip

I wasn't going to blog about this trip, because it ended up being kind of weird, and stressful, plus on top of that, I hardly took any pictures (except of myself, haha. I am so vain!). But, anyway, it ended up being the same week that I started school, and it had kind of been planned for me by my thoughtful mom (before I knew that school started that week) so I went, and it didn't turn out as I had hoped because I was worried and stressed out, but yeah. Sometimes that's the way life works, right? At least all of the kids had fun with their cousins, so that was good.

 My mom actually ended up taking my kids down with her (minus M) because I had my first math class that evening. Kaylie came and picked me and M up and we drove late into the night, not arriving until about 1 AM. We were being really goofy in the car, and Magnus was being a crazy kid, so we were thrilled when he finally fell asleep. After that, we both pretended to be asleep as well, and caught this gem:
I know, we're hilarious.

Anyway, we did some fun stuff. We went to a movie, we went swimming at the awesome Washington Rec Center, we went to the park, we went bowling, we went out to dinner, we stayed up late, and we played, played, played.

Sometimes we played too much, as evidenced by this sleepy picture driving from one activity to the next:

The other thing I really enjoyed about our trip was my alone time in the mornings when I would get up early to bike or run. It was so hot, but still enjoyable.

We also had fun visiting our St. George cousins (Kathryn, Alice, Lucy, and Sam) and going to the cookie shop that their parents own and run (Andy's sister, Jenny, owns The Sugar Cookie)

The only not-so-fun things were my stress, and I think I made everyone a little crazy while we were there because of my moodiness (sorry family! I'm glad you still love me anyway!). And also, my sister-in-law Annette got in a car accident on the way home on the freeway, which was incredibly scary and she was very shaken up by it, of course. Everyone was fine, thankfully (except her front fender and headlight), so I am so grateful that she was watched over.

Anyway, I can't wait for next time, because I know I will be a happier camper, and I love having me some girl time :)

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