Monday, July 8, 2013

Random Catch-Up Part 2

More catch-up...
I don't know if I have said it much on here, but I know that on facebook and instagram, I have expressed my love for my bike quite openly :) And it is true, I am in love with my bike. I love to cycle so much! Here are some things I have seen on some rides...

Cute little boys, it always puts them to sleep.
Andy, repairing my first flat tire. He did it the same day that I popped my tire, which was so thoughtful. He knew I wanted to go for a ride the next day, and I appreciated it so much.
Chain problems
 I just looooooove my bike!
Laylah, Jonah, and Daphne had their end of year choir concert. It was so much fun and I loved watching them and listening to them. Each of them had their own solo, and I got a lot of great video, but I won't post any of that on here. Just some cute photos.

 Their choir teacher is amazing. She is so patient and kind. Jonah decided half-way through the year that he didn't want to do choir anymore, but I told him that he had made a commitment to do it, so he had to follow through and finish it out. I think he was kind of a stinker at practice sometimes, but she was always so sweet with him and was always positive.

My mom invited me to a day of Women's Conference down at BYU. I had never been and it was amazing. I loved it, and I always love to spend time alone with my mom :)

Jonah had to sell Scout-A-Rama tickets for cub scouts, so of course we bought a ticket for our family. We only stayed for a little bit because we had soccer games all day, but we had a lot of fun, surprisingly! We went to several stations, did crafts, shot BB guns, played games, etc.

It was Teacher Appreciation in May and I did the same thing I did last year. A little potted plant with a note that said, "Thanks for helping me grow this year!" Very cute.
Bear had an art show at school after they had a unit learning about famous artists and trying their hand at certain types of art. It was so fun to have him show me all of his beautiful artwork.

Our first official "summer" meal. I know it is gross, and I try not to eat them too often.... but I love hot dogs. I made homemade fries, grilled some hot dogs and corn on the cob, and had some fresh strawberries. Delish! I love summer food!
Laylah had a Mother/Daughter activity for activity days and it was so much fun. We did a Newley-Wed type game and had to answer questions about each other. We did great! I was surprised how much Laylah actually knew about me!
Around mid-May I got all my flowers to do my pots. I have started to really enjoy gardening, much to the surprise of myself :)

 Even though it has been very hot, with daily watering, they still look great!
Laylah and Daphne have been having a great time taking riding lessons from Aunt Kaylie. They have learned a lot and have improved so much! I love watching them, it makes my heart happy to see them love horses as much as I do.

 And obviously, the feelings are mutual. Luna loves Laylah too :)

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