Monday, January 21, 2013

A Glimpse Into July

I have been incredibly sick this last week. I kept thinking I should make my way downstairs to the computer to work on my blog, but the thought of being away from the warm upstairs (plus a new book I was reading) just didn't sound appealing. I am a lot better now, so let's get back to it, shall we?

Once again, I didn't take many pictures this month, but it was a great month filled with lots of fun summer activities.

We had to speak in church the day after we got back from Lake Powell. In this ward, they like everyone in the family to speak (that is able), so I was writing talks on the drive home. The kids did amazingly well, and it was a relief to have it over with.We had more bike rides, swimming days, and late nights playing in the warm July weather.We had cookouts with our friends The Tuttle's, up in the mountains, a campout at my parents house with all of the cousins for the 24th, so of course we had lots of fireworks too. We also got together for dinner with our good friend's the Rowley's, who were visiting from Michigan. Our kids got along famously. I didn't take pictures of any of it. I think my mom has some of the campout, so I will add them if I ever remember to get them from her. We also had the wettest July I can remember (which isn't saying much). I love the rain. It makes me happy.

Laylah continued with sewing lessons. She made a baby quilt for her doll.

Baron continued to be his crazy self

Jonah lost his 8th tooth the night before his 8th birthday

M's hair went super blonde

Our ward had a breakfast and parade to celebrate the 24th. The kids decorated their bikes and rode in the parade

Apparently the parade was pretty boring.... Magnus couldn't keep his eyes open for it.

Jonah also turned 8 in July, and we had his baptism pictures taken. I'll do a separate post for those. Anyway, July was a great month. Sitting here in my cold basement makes me miss the summer!

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