Saturday, January 12, 2013

My Pal Is A Lake

We went to Lake Powell for a week at the beginning of July and it was absolutely fabulous! It was so nice to sit around, read a book, relax, eat yummy food, go hiking, water-ski, tube, kneeboard, wakeboard, play games all night long, watch movies, hangout with my siblings, and let my kids play and play with all of their cousins to their hearts content. I'm so grateful my parents provide this fun and relaxing vacation for us to do in the summer. And now, pictures!

 cousins, cousins, lots of cousins!

 We were there over the 4th of July, so to celebrate, we had a bonfire and made s'mores. Then we went on top of the houseboat and watched fireworks. We weren't too far from the marina, so we could see several different spots that fireworks were being let off. Happy Birthday America, I love you!

 All 4 of my older kids can still fit in the same bed! Pretty sure it won't last.... *sniff*

 And of course, what is Lake Powell without video games?!

 When Andy and I were engaged 10 years ago, we came to Lake Powell with my family and we parked our houseboat near this place that we hiked to. It's a big hole in the side of a cliff, and you can climb up inside of it. Well, we carved our initials there (there are about a million people's names carved all over this cave) and when we went back 10 years later, we were still able to find it!! I thought it was awesome :)

 Jonah caught a lizard

 Every summer I tell my kids I will pay them $10 if they learn how to ski. This entails getting up and being able to stay up for at least a couple minutes. Laylah tried SO hard and she got up several times, but fell shortly after. At least she didn't cry this year. Oh well, there's always next year!

Jonah and Daphne tried skiing too, but gave up pretty quickly

The kids did find that they loved kneeboarding though! And they were all pretty good, even daring to cross the wake. 

Of course, tubing is always a favorite

As well as cliff-jumping

 We love you Lake Powell! Until next time...

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Matt and Joanna said...

this post just makes me long for summer and warm weather. *sigh! cute pictures!