Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Magnus!

 Magnus' birthday is the day after Halloween. I love when my kids are still too little to know it's their birthday, so I don't have to do anything super big or crazy, because they have no idea! I think this was my last year at getting off easy though, because I remember 3 years old being the year that they know what their birthday is. We had a fun day hanging out and going to the park. That night we had a little party with grandparents. Magnus had fun opening gifts. he got some new clothes from grandma Darlene, money from grandma Marge, a dump truck from G and G Collette, and a circus tent from Grandma Claudia and Papa Bry. Andy and I got him a truck, some imaginext toys, a backpack, a Pokoyo movie, a little remote control robot toy, and I think that's all.... I can't remember now. That's why I should write things down, my kids have ruined my memory.

It was so much fun watching him open gifts and play with his new toys. He was so cute. He loved his cake too, and he was a pro at blowing out the candle.

 yum yum! My cute grandma is helping him cut his cake.

 Happy birthday my little baby boy! I love you more than I can even say!

Magnus at 2:
Magnus is the busiest kid I have ever known. He is so quiet about it too, that's what makes it so frustrating/funny/crazy/hilarious. He gets into anything and everything. He has colored on my floor more than once (luckily it came right off), and he has been to the ER three times. He is such a climber and climbs onto anything and everything including tables, the piano, dressers, windowsills, Jonah's bunkbed (without the ladder), the ROOF!, and many other places. He is just so nonchalant about it all that I can never get mad at him. He likes to get in the fridge and the cupboards and bring me stuff. He threw eggs all over the floor the other day. He loves to get into my hair stuff and once he came to me with super greasy hair. He had gotten into my finishing drops and rubbed it all over his head. He has gotten into my makeup before, and oh my, this kid is just trouble. He has definitely given me a run for my money, and if I was still planning on having more kids, I would definitely rethink it after this kid.
The other side of him is soooo sweet though. He is worth all the trouble. He is the snuggliest, sweetest, most loving kid. He is always saying "please mommy?" and "thank you mommy" after anything he ask me to do for him. He doesn't speak well, but he can say a lot of words. Not a lot of people can understand him though. Sometimes I don't either and I have to ask him to show me what he wants. He understands everything I say to him. He is pretty moody and if he is in a good mood, he will always say "okay" and "yes mommy", but if he is in a bad mood, he has quite a shrill and resounding "uh-uh!!!" and shakes his head no really fast. He likes to scream when he is mad and I often have to tell him to talk quietly and no screaming. he goes through periods where he spends a lot of time in the corner in timeout.
All of the kids adore him and he loves his big brothers and sisters. He is a very spoiled little boy. He usually gets what he wants. I guess that's what happens with the youngest child. He has gotten so big and he weighed 36 pounds at his 2 year appointment. He was 37 inches tall. He is still off the charts for height and weight. The doctor told me he would probably be about 6'6'' when he is an adult.
Magnus used to be a great eater and used to love everything I gave him. Lately he has gone through a picky phase and he doesn't eat as much as he used to. He has his favorites like milk, cereal, bananas, toast, peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, broccoli, and carrots. Oh, and he loves candy and treats. Anything else he can take or leave.
Magnus loves playing with toys and he can entertain himself pretty easily. He loves to watch cartoons and also watch the boys play the wii. Baron will ask me if he can play the wii and if Manguns hears him say that, he will run up to me with the biggest grin and say "pay da wii?" really excited. If I say yes, he will say "Yay!" and run downstairs to sit on the couch and watch Bear play. It is so cute, and I guess we will have another gamer in our family. He has started playing the Leapster and Batman is his favorite game. He also loves the park and going down slides. He loves to read books and will bring me a big pile and won't let me leave until we have read all of them. He loves to color on paper with crayons.... and also on things he shouldn't color on. However, I think his favorite thing to do is be mischevious, like I already talked about. I know if M is quiet, he is usually getting into something he shouldn't be.
Luckily, he still takes a 2 hour nap every day and he sleeps 12 hours at night. Even though he can climb out of his crib now, he stays in it when he knows it is time to sleep. He has a special brown polka-dot blankie that he absolutely loves and if he has that, he goes to sleep quickly and easily.
I love this little baby of mine, and cannot get enough of him. He is the biggest stinker and the sweetest little guy ever, all at the same time. Love him SO much.

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