Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Rest of May

The weekend after we got back to Utah, we were able to have a fabulous time with Andy's family. His youngest brother David had his mission farewell, so all of his siblings (Bree from Kentucky, Terra from Arkansas, and Jenny from St. George) were here visiting to celebrate David. On Saturday, all of the men took care of the kids while the ladies were in the kitchen doing food prep. When the kids got back, we took a break to play "Beauty Shop" We all looked gorgeous when the girl's were finished with us :)

That evening we had a barbeque and then headed to Leatherby's, a family favorite. Andy's family is huge. He has 6 siblings, 4 of which are married, and we all have a bunch of kids. We were all there that night (which is SO rare!), a total of  31 people. And more babies are on the way, so it's a mystery how big this family could become. So much fun. I love it.

The next day, Sunday, was David's farewell. He did a fabulous job on his talk, and then it was over to the Collette's for a delicious feast. After mostly everyone had left, someone realized that our family pictures wouldn't be complete for 2 years, so we decided to take a bunch. Oh my, this family. They are truly hilarious. Here are some outtakes:

 Andy's super tall siblings, from L to R: David, Jenny, Ryan, Andy, Terra, Breanna, and Stefanie (the shrimp at 5'9'' :)

 'Da Boys

 Daddy joins the group

 Andy really loves his sister

 And we finally get a decent picture after about 75 takes 

It was such a fun weekend with family, food, and fun. What else do you need?

Here is my silly baby who is always climbing, and always getting into trouble. I heard him squawking one morning, and found he had climbed onto Jonah's bunkbed and fallen between the mattress and the footboard. Good thing he's a chunky little guy, or he might've fallen all the way to the floor!

 Little legs are a danglin'!

And the last great thing that happened in May was Rachel coming to visit. I love when she comes. We always do some fun stuff. This time all of the ladies (minus Kaylie who was living in AZ for work at the time) in my family went to the new City Creek mall, had lunch,  and did some shopping. It was such a fun day.
Annette, Kimmi, Piper, Suzanne, my mom, me, Rachel, and Baby Graham is strapped on her front (we missed you Kaylie!)

May was a busy and fun month. It was full of changes and family. I'll keep the family. I could do without the change!

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Laney said...

Oh my. Those pictures are so funny. And accurate to that goofy fam. Makes me miss you all even more.