Monday, January 7, 2013

Our First Soccer Season

We had quite the soccer season last spring. Before we moved, we had to finish up all of the games. Laylah and Jonah's team even made it to the play-offs. The semi-final game was the day before we were supposed to leave. I sort of hoped they'd lose so they wouldn't feel bad that they would have to miss the final play-off game. And they did lose, so it all worked out okay :)

I was surprised when all of the 4 older kids decided they wanted to play soccer. I tried to talk them out of it, but nothing I said could dissuade them. I felt bad picking and choosing, so I let all of them play. The only way it worked out so Andy and  I could make it to all of the games and practices was to have Jonah play up a grade, so he and Laylah were on the same team. I was even the team parent for 2 of the teams. Oh my, what a chore. 

Anyway, it turned out a success, and it was fun to see their little skills develop. Baron was on a tot team which was part developmental, and part scrimmage. He liked it the first couple times, and then he complained about going the rest of the time. He would usually sit out and watch for at least half of it.  

It turned out that Laylah had some skills on the soccer field.... she was one of her teams star players and made several goals throughout the season. She is the one who made them qualify for playoffs with a winning goal right before the time was up. It was very exciting.
 She is number 80

Jonah turned out to be quite a good defender, which was usually where the coaches had him play. He has a great kick and saved many balls from coming too close to the goalie.

Daphne played goalie a lot, and she was great at it! In her last game, she saved a goal right before the time was up, which made her team win.
 She also just liked to play around on the field for the most part

This is Bear's last day. They had a little award ceremony for the tot players

 Receiving his medal and award certificate

We actually missed Daphne's team party and award ceremony because of the move, so her coach awarded her a trophy right after her last game.

We had Laylah and Jonah's team party right after their last play-off game, the night before we left to move back to Utah. They had some great coaches, and it was a fun season for both of them.

 The Sharks

 Four kids on three different teams, team parent to 2 of those teams.... it was crazy, but fun to be sure.

team/individual photos

Pictures of pictures are always great, right? And I cannot for the life of me find Bear's soccer photo, but I know I have it somewhere. I will have to add it to this post someday (haha, yeah right)

And there was our first ever soccer season. I was glad when it was over :) 

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