Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back To School 2012!

Our Back To School theme this year is "Let Your Light So Shine!",  Matthew 5:16

We had quite a feast of pot roast, carrots, potatoes, gravy, strawberries, homemade rolls, lemonade and sour cream fudge cake for dessert. Delish.

I made the older 4 journals with their initials on them.

They were so excited. We talked about how we will use our light to help others and never try to hide it. It was fun to talk about things we could do to give service, help others, or just brighten someone's day. Andy also gave the kid's a Father's Blessing for the new school year, and they were ready to start!

The next morning was a beautiful day and we got ready to go in new school clothes, backpacks packed with new supplies, and all that jazz. We even had time to take a few pics before it was time to go!
Laylah started 4th grade

Daphne started 1st grade

Jonah started 3rd grade

I dropped off the older two at one end of the building. They seemed a little nervous. I couldn't blame them, they were starting at a new school where they knew no one. They didn't even have their new ward friends because I chose to send them to a different school than the one we are supposed to go to. Daphne and Jonah were accepted into the gifted and talented program and the program has a magnet school for the whole district. I had a hard time making this choice, but in the end, we felt best about it.  Luckily they have all made great friends and have loved their school.

Daphne's teacher invited parents in to the classroom for the first little bit.

I passed Laylah's class on the way to Daphne's and snapped a quick pic

Daphne didn't really want me to stay (she's always too cool for me :) so I snapped a quick pic and left.

The kids came home happy as can be. They had a good first day and they have continued to have s great experience at their new school.

Whew! Summer is done! I only have 4 more months to catch-up on....

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Matt and Joanna said...

i really love this and want to incorporate something like this into our family. you're such a good mom!