Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year, A New Start

 A sleepy New Year's kiss

Well hey there! Guess what?! It is 2013!! It is very exciting...

I have lots of plans for this year, including running a half marathon (it was on my New Year's goal list last year, but I injured myself, and then we moved, and then.... yeah) with several of my siblings, starting back to school (which I already mentioned in my last post. I want to be a nurse, and I am finally taking the first step towards my goal!), and I want to finally learn how to sew (which was on my list last year as well.... but once again.... yeah). Besides these few little things I am doing, I have a goal to just enjoy life. I want to enjoy my family. I want to be less judgemental, and just be more loving. I want to have faith. I want to make a conscience effort to be happy, no matter what my circumstances. I had some good practice with that last year, but I want to become even better, because I didn't always react so well to certain things that I had no control over. I want to try and work on my attitude. I also need to concentrate on my health. I haven't been to the doctor since we moved back to Utah, and with the health problems I have, that isn't such a great idea. I swore off doctors for awhile because of some frustrations I was having, but I am ready to try again. So, the first step will be to make some doctor appointments. Basically, I want to have a happy, healthy, fulfilling life. Just like anybody else.

So, here is to 2013, no matter what happens.

 I am ready!