Thursday, January 10, 2013

June 2012

June was a fun month. We were pretty much unpacked, and everyone was excited to have us back, so we got invited to do a lot of fun things. I was terrible with my camera this month, however, and a lot of it went undocumented. Oh well, I guess it will have to live in my memory (my memory= my daily planner, with which without, I would have no brain or capacity for remembering anything)

My dad and brother took my 4 older kids to Kennecott Copper Mine. I remember going there on a field trip in 7th grade, so I didn't really feel a need to go back. They had a great time with cousins, and I got a lot of unpacking done while they were gone.

The 3 older kids also got invited by my grandma and aunt and uncle to go to the church history museum and to lunch and to check out the new City Creek Mall. They had a great time. Andy and I loved that our 2 little boys napped and that we could unpack some more :)

We also had the opportunity to go and see David set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. It was a great experience. Afterward, we went back to the Collette house for dessert, and a final goodbye. David left to serve in the Charlotte, North Carolina Mission the next morning. It was a fun night playing with cousins and favorite Uncle David.
I just love this picture

David wrastlin' with the kiddos

Bye Uncle David!

Ahhh, brothers. Even though Andy is 6'3'', he looks so short next to David!

Daphne was playing with Magnus one day. He was her baby and she made him a bed in the laundry basket. Apparently it was a very comfortable bed. He fell asleep and napped in there for 2 hours.

Throughout the month, we had a lot of family get togethers involving dinner and treats, my favorite. This is my kids with their twin cousins Carter and Weston. They and Magnus are only about 4 months apart, and I know they will be big troublemakers together when they get a little older.

We also went to the splashpark a lot, as well as my grandma's pool. Another fun thing my kids liked to do was go on bike rides on the Jordan Parkway. My dad and mom would bring me a bike to ride (I still don't have one even though it's been on every birthday, Mother's Day, and Christmas list for the past 5 years) and we would all go together. It was a lot of fun. Daphne especially loved it since she learned to ride her bike sans training wheels at the beginning of June. She picked it up in about 10 minutes and now she is a pro.

We gave our mom's and dad's car washes for Mother's Day and Father's Day. We did my parents, but have yet to do Andy's (I haven't forgotten!) Magnus just liked to pick up the sponge and press all the water out against his belly.

On that note, I wanted to wish my husband a Happy Father's Day. He is such a great daddy. We made him breakfast in bed, the kids made him a darling sign that they hung up in the kitchen, and they made him some cute little gifts. It was a nice day.

Andy and I also celebrated 10 years of wedded bliss. We had big plans to do something fun for our big 1-0, but our financial situation did not allow that this year, darn it. Instead we enjoyed dinner and a movie together. I love that guy. He makes anything fun :)

Some other things that went on in June was a lot of reading. My kids signed up for the library challenge, and if they read so many hours, they would get prizes. I am proud to say that they all reached every level and got a lot of fun prizes, including free meals to 4 restaurants, little toys, and a new book of their choice. It was challenging and rewarding, and they all did a great job. Laylah also tried out for a competitive soccer team (The Murray Max) and made it on scholarship! She had a lot of practices (6 hours a week), so she was busy with that all summer. The kids also made a lot of new friends from the neighborhood, and one day they came up with this brilliant idea: 
 They asked me to make cookies for them to sell, and then Laylah made some lemonade. They sold them all and made about $16. Split 5 ways, it didn't turn out to be very much, but at least they had fun.

 Andy was their first customer, but they also had several neighbors, people driving by, and the mailman!

Our ward had a Father and Sons Campout, and Andy took the boys. I told him he could leave Magnus, but he is a glutton for punishment, so he decided to take M along. Actually, Andy said he wasn't too bad. He got cold in the night, so Andy had to stick M in his sleeping bag with him, but besides that, he said M was okay.

 My cute boys

While they were gone, us girl's had a Girl's Night complete with nail painting, movies, and treats. 

Not much else went on in June. It was just nice to be settled, and have the kids out of school. They had a great time making new friends that month, and discovering new things, like the beauty of having a short staircase:

 Magnus' "jump" consisted of him stepping off the bottom step onto the floor. Ahhh, what a cutie.

On the last day of June, we headed to Lake Powell for a much needed vacation... that's up next!

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