Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Camp Adventure Birthday Party!

Jonah wanted a campout birthday party. We don't do sleepovers though, so we decided to make it like a day camp adventure. It was really a fun party, and I think all of the boys had a blast.

I found the cute invites at Zurcher's party store. The actual invite was in the backpack.

I was so thankful to my sister who stayed and helped me with the party. Andy was also an awesome help with all of the details. I have such great people in my life.... aren't I lucky?!

These were the goody bags, which we tied onto the boys' walking sticks (which they made at the party)
 Inside the bandana was a glowstick, little finger flashlight, a compass, and a fruit roll-up

This is the craft table where we painted the walking sticks, and also did some beadwork and feathers.
 Andy found and cut all of these down to size. It took him hours. Once again, awesome people...

 This was the inside of the tent. Even though we weren't doing an actual campout, what's a camping party without a tent?

Our campground

When the boys all arrived, we painted our walking sticks, and added the beads and feathers

They turned out awesome

While they were drying, we split up into groups and went on a scavenger hunt. They could only get one item per house, and the first team back was the winners. Jonah's team won, which is only fitting :)

After the activities, we were ready to roast some wienies. Hot dogs over the campfire, chips, watermelon, and soda for our camp-out dinner.

After dinner, it was into the tent for some birthday gifts. 

It's not a camp-out without s'mores!
 I stuck a candle into Jonah's and we sang him Happy Birthday

Afterwards, we were all ready to watch our camp movie.... Yogi Bear. Perfect, no?

After watching Yogi Bear save the campground from closing, it was finally dark enough for our final activity. Since I was doing it, there aren't any pictures, but we gathered into the tent for a spooky story. I found a story online about Poor Dead John, and it goes through all of his body parts (eyes, ears, lips, bones, hair, hand, etc) and they are all placed in separate bowls that are passed around and felt while the story is being read. It was totally dark, with the exception of the glowsticks I had passed out, and it was a huge hit with the boys. They loved it. Then it was time to tie goody bags onto walking sticks and say good-bye to our Camp Adventures'. 

What a fun party! Thanks for turning 8 so I could plan it Jo!

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